A Prayer for Resurrection

sitting at my graveside
looking in
covered in the dark shroud
I gave one too many pieces
and committed that final sin

that final piece which stole
the breath right out of my lungs
so ready for you to love me
a painted doll with no substance
though I desperately craved it

I wanted you
you to hold my hand
to lift me up
to give me a reason
to say you loved me too

I wanted you
to write about me
to tell the world all my faults
but that you still thought
I was beautiful

I wield the knife my pen
carve off another slice and
hold it up to you
please take it
make me yours
breathe life into me
let me know what it is
to be loved again

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

21 thoughts on “A Prayer for Resurrection

  1. i found this just a lot too sad. and nice. it exposed something … maybe something many people can relate to … i certainly can. thank-you – sad can be really good, i don’t mind my emotions bathing in sadness for some strange reason, it helps me feel …

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