Cotton Candy Dreams – Collaboration

laying my head upon the sand I absorb my surroundings
eyes closed the salty breeze dancing over my skin
gulls wheel and cry, waves caress the shore
curling over, rolling under, churning then pulling away
the motion rocks me to my core, soothes me, romances me
opening my eyes I look up at the heavens
wispy cotton candy clouds slowly spread and reform
behind them stretches the blue expanse, blue in blue
the deeper I focus the deeper the blue until I can almost see the inky blackness beyond
I wish he was here with me, beside me, fingers entwining mine, feet barely touching
laying here I can imagine him there lying upon the grass doing the exact same thing in this very moment
together we’re both staring into the future, ours
watching the clouds, listening to the world around us move as we pause hand in hand
perhaps if I wish hard enough… yes
I can feel my body lifting weightless

the scuttling crabs and the salty breeze
crashing of waves as they lapped at my feet
lost in a daydream as the blue skies turn gray
the rolling of thunder and lightning illuminating places better left dark
how long have i combed this beach in search of buried treasure
buried my head in the sand hoping to be mistaken for treasure myself
chitinous deposits forming on my skin like a topographical of sorrow and malaise
to be that albatross riding on thermals over the sea
knowing no master
only diving for food when the urge strikes
free from the constraints of grinding gears and black smoke clouds
away i would soar
drifting to where i know she waits
watching the same waters as me

I’m flying up up up soaring and
there he is too and our hands stretch out
and our fingertips touch and
we grasp each other’s wrists
grip tightly and our eyes meet and
our lips touch and we’re
suddenly spinning and the tighter we hold
the faster we spin
inertia ripping us apart as
love glues us together and
we’re flying right through a cloud
raindrops sticking to our skin
and suddenly
cold grabs a hold of my ankles
and breath comes back in my lungs
as my eyes burst open and
I watch a receding wave and
feel the soft sand beneath me and
a solitary tear rolls down
just another salty drop in my ocean

it was a dream she shared with me that became a dream i shared with her though we never spoke it aloud
she was soaring
dancing on the sunbeams far above the ground
i was a speck on the ground far beneath her
she swooped down like a gull and picked me up in her arms and we flew so high into the air
we rested on a cloud and spoke poetry into one another’s ear softly
floating on cotton candy currents where the problems of the world were just rumors to be ignored
but like all dreams it finally came to a close and she carried me back to the beach and we nestled together for a moment of sweet syrupy time
she launched herself back into sky as the angry clouds rushed in
and as she flew overhead i felt one lone raindrop on my cheek and it rolled down onto my lips where i tasted salt

tara caribou & Mike Ennenbach | ©2018

How do I describe Mike’s writing? He oozes ink from his pores night and day, the drops spilling on the page forming letters and words that come straight from his heart and a piece of him is left behind when that ink dries. I’m not sure if I should take that page and crumple it up, place it in my mouth and swallow, a eucharist of sorts or perhaps tear the page out and place it under my pillow, absorbing while I sleep all I couldn’t while awake. Either way, I take these words, this heart, this sacrament and walk away a changed woman. Go check him out at Mike’s Manic Word Depot.

30 Comments on “Cotton Candy Dreams – Collaboration

  1. you are far too kind, and far more gifted. thank you for those words. i don’t have the ability to thank you enough. thanks for the opportunity to work with a genius, it was a dream


  2. The threads that bind this piece are beyond human comprehension lol people say magic isn’t real. It’s here. I just read/felt/saw it.

    Amazing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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