7 Days, 7 Photos – Day 1

Black and white only. No explanations. All photos mine. ~tara ©2020

28 thoughts on “7 Days, 7 Photos – Day 1

        1. Your commitment to the futuristic of world of technicolor dazzles me. I wait with bated breath. (I use an idiom I only vaguely understand… but feel should likely work)

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        2. I also recently invested in a cellUlar telephone which is a fancy upgrade of my beeper. I can use whole sentences when I type now (though I see a lot of people on Twitter and Facebook – things I found on the “Internet” – who seem to not realize this).

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        3. Ha ha. I suspect you guys will stop having to hunt your own food up there soon. Costco is coming. Coming to save y’all.

          Seriously… what have you been doing with all that oil money the government gives you?

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        4. Costco is actually where I buy quite a bit of my stuff! Did you know they ship? They treat their Alaskan customers very special.

          I’m not sure what happens to all that oil money… I’m sure it goes SOMEwhere! Maybe I’ll ask a politician. They have our best interests at heart, represent the people, and never lie. I trust them.

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        5. Ha ha. Yeah, I am glad we always vote for the best person to tell us how we should live our lives. Its a time honored tradition that’s really worked out well for us. :-/

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