Spiral Vampire

I’m hungry for you
my tongue rakes my teeth
searching for any last vestiges of you
(for the aftertaste of the aftermath
for the memory of the spiraling path)

finding none but a faint whisper
I find myself flying to you
stealing up behind you
(on wings of silent leather
with fingertips as soft as feathers)

my nails scratch furrows along your spine
leaning in close
inhaling your scent
(the smoke left from the last cigarette
the perfume choking on its last breath)

that soft place just beneath your ear
licking my famished lips
I lower my face and gently suck
(the last traces of the clementine
the taste of raw touch, soaked in brine)

there, right there, along your neck
(where still waters run deep
quietly, painted red, underneath)

nip and suck, lick and kiss
as you begin to sway
giving in to my fervor
your heart racing, I can hear it
(caught up in the ribcage prison
struggling to be free of poison)

I need you
(the need)
(to bleed)
pushing you down, you fall to your side
is that terror or lust in your eyes?
(eyes that stare but never see
lies that bare all but never me)

straddling you, I scrape my nails
along your chest before lowering my lips
to your exposed delicious neck
finding you ready beneath me
I impale myself on you
just as I sink my teeth in
cries of ecstasy and pain in my ear
(go deeper)
your movements as you thrust into me
(dredge the depths)
while I drink deeply
pulling out your essence
using my hips and my tongue together
(kissing Death)
rising up again
your warm blood running down my chin
(droplets trickling
lights flickering)

while your seed runs down my thighs
(life itself, sliding down to the floor
marking the pine box with a door)

I tap my finger upon your cracked lip
(you could taste like me, you could be)
once, twice more
(once more and you could be like me)
I’ll be back for you later
(when I am ready again to surrender.)

tara caribou & Spiral Artist | ©2020

Spiral. He’s such a deep soul and a deep writer. I dig his lyrics. Go check him out. Be prepared for some thought-provoking, emotional heart-stuff. He’s been away from WP for a little while, what with life and all… but he’s around. Creating. I just know it.

31 Comments on “Spiral Vampire

  1. OMG Not only do I love this but I am so gutted. No word of a lie this is a theme that I’ve been thinking about. I got to say though you guys nailed it. I’m still jealous, I wanted to be the victim 😁 x Absolutely Brilliant !!!

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  3. Thank you so much for your kind words. If it wasn’t for the solid foundation that you laid, I don’t think it would’ve turned out quite as good. Here’s to us! (I’m raising an imaginary glass of club soda here. You can’t see it, but that’s what I have.)

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  4. Reblogged this on The Mush from the Hill and commented:
    I’m a big fan of the Vampire genre so when I read this how could I not ask (and get permission I might add) to reblog this.

    A great collaboration of imaginations in poetry. Go check out their work over at Caribou Crossings and The Art of Making Spirals.

    They’re Fangtastic. Sorry couldn’t resist.

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