What happened to loyalty?

We seem to have forgotten it. Ever in the pursuit of finding something better, something bigger, more likes, more follows, and wistful notoriety, we have left behind this basic principle.

Even in your mistakes, missteps, hiccups or poor choices, triumphs or failures: I choose loyalty to you.

tara caribou | ©2020

25 Comments on “Loyalty

  1. Everything is about now… not later… social media has taken a basic human flaw… and amped it up… and we are only starting the ride… haven’t even reached the top yet…. these kids don’t even know whats about to hit them… I sound so old… haha… Brave New World… here we come…

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  2. i have mixed feelings about loyalty – this stirred that up. i think, maybe feel more than think, that for me in the past loyalty has been the millstone around my neck where i’ve had more trust than i should or than was deserved in someone. knowing where that should end has for me always been an exercise in hindsight, but never regret, as i’ve always felt i was more loyal and more trusting than in hindsight was deserved or justified, and will always be that way what other option is there? i’d die inside if it wasn’t like that …

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    • I can understand what you’re saying. It’s a balance, isn’t it? Do we allow ourselves to become so hurt and jaded and hard because one or two (or three or fifteen) people burn us? Or do we remain true to ourselves, to what we believe is good and right and true? Loyalty is given and it is earned. Some people don’t deserve it, but we remain. I think that’s the way to be.

      It appears to me that most people have lost sight of loyalty these days. Always looking for what benefits them without a care for the ramifications. Moving to the shorter line. Shaking a fist at those that inconvenience us. Me, me, me. How about putting some effort into someone else? Again. It’s balance. You don’t want to lose yourself either… but there is a richness gained in loyalty, I believe.

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  3. I hold a lot of store in loyalty, and agree with your words, Tara. I know that there is no ‘gold star’ for remaining loyal (not that I would be expecting or indeed looking for one), but, for me, it seems the ‘right’ course, no matter what ‘mistakes or missteps’ there are : it’s about the bigger picture.
    But maybe, too, there is a little selfishness involved: wouldn’t we all want others to be loyal to us?

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  4. I have had people hook me with that word –
    especially in the context of family
    (and often with a massive swathe of hypocrisy attached)…

    I’ve had people catch me with it
    and then turn me into their “project of the week”,
    because what I thought I saw – it just wasn’t there…

    I’ve had people use it to draw me in
    and then try to strangle me with it…

    and I’ve had people anoint my weary feet with small doses of it that broke my heart and let the tears out,
    often in the most unpromising of places.

    like so many words,
    the trick seems to be in the using.

    (…keep sending those bottles full of words out on your ocean, Tara…)

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    • Here’s the thing… loyalty, the very meaning of it is faithfulness, dependability, honor, integrity, devotion, sincerity, trustworthiness, steadfastness….

      There is a reason behind it. There is action. All those examples that you have given, those people use the word “loyalty” but their actions shout dishonesty and treachery and inconsistency and faithlessness. THAT is the ANTONYM of loyalty. So to say a person is loyal but exhibits the opposite characteristics is not loyalty.

      A person can say it’s raining outside but if the sky is clear and blue and the sun is shining on your face… doesn’t matter what word they use… it’s wrong.

      This is where some people say they “love” somebody but their actions speak otherwise… it’s not love, no matter how many times the word is spoken.

      Thanks for the comments because I believe this is an important conversation for people to actually have. Love and light to you.


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