You Say, I Love You

my thighs ache and tremble
I bite my lip
then whisper your name
you crash into me
I’m panting, begging
my fingers digging in
pulling you in closer, deeper
mesmerized with desire
your lips so soft, hungry
your eyes dark
you say I love you with your body
as I lift up and meet you
I’ve never loved another lover
as deeply as I do you

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

27 thoughts on “You Say, I Love You

    1. Thanks Rachel. I was just thinking about you yesterday, it seems like it’s been a while since I’ve seen a post from you. I hope you’re doing alright.

      There are lots of ways to say I love you, but with your whole body is pretty nice too.

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      1. I think the thing I love about this, is the way you’ve used ‘whole body’ encompasses mind and soul as well. So it’s such complete and beautiful intimacy.

        I’ve thought of you too, and hoped you’re ok. I haven’t been as active on WordPress, for so many reasons. I haven’t felt very inspired for some reason and I’ve been busy too. Thank you for asking me 💕

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        1. Thank you for seeing that!! That’s exactly what I was trying to convey. It’s all parts physical and emotional and spiritual… when you love with your whole body something wonderful happens! Thank for “getting it”. This just made my morning.

          I am “okay”. I’m not great. My body and mind are trying to heal from my medical event from a few weeks ago. I don’t know why it’s taking so long (though it hasn’t been that long). Is it because I’m getting older and these sorts of things take longer? Is there something deeper going on here that I can’t see yet? I don’t know. Something happened to me, to my mind and heart, and I don’t know what to do with it.

          So, in my own way, I get that ‘lack of inspiration’ and the ‘busyness’. Much love and light to you, friend.

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  1. A wonderfully passionate poem which resonates strongly. You paint a vivid picture with this, Tara.
    On a different note I have just heard from a friend on WP who has just purchased ‘Static Dreams’, and reports that he is enjoying it immensely!

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        1. Indeed, but don’t underplay your role in bringing the project together and then home. Mark says he’ll add a review when he’s finished the book, by the way.
          Hope you’re feeling more like your old self now.

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  2. Hi Tara

    Ah, the fizzing sensation! – as Uncle Walt put it “the body electric” – for some, like myself, it is seeing the other body before sex and seeing it afterwards – to sing to it and of it – I do experience the shiveriness of nerve-endings playing- but that’s me.

    Lovely piece you posted.


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