Hook, Line, and Sinker

she watches her poetic words
wriggling and squirming on her hook
wrapping and skewering them
until they writhe in pain
even as they try to leap from the page
for her words know they’re bait
wanting to warn her unwitting prey
they’re sure to lure to its demise
she casts those words far
random spiritualistic love vomit
in hopes of drawing some hapless fish in
blindly tricked with flashing scales
and a wiggling dance
and oh the rotting smell
she licks her lips
glancing over her shoulder wistfully
to the small smokeless fire burning there
a stack of kindling and fuel nearby
ready to sear the flesh from her victims
her wrist flicks and bobs
the hook dances and entices
a flash of silver and a twitch
she knows her words have been swallowed
a swift tug and
reeling reeling rapidly
upon reaching the shore near her bare feet
the last things the pitiful thing sees
flopping and gasping for his life
are her sharp toenails, unshaven ankles
in a blink she’s rammed a pointed stick straight up his anus, out his gaping mouth
glazed eyes staring
it’s only a matter of time
before his blood curdles
and his skin bursts open, melting off
with juices running down her chin and
knowing she can’t pull the same trick
twice in the same watering hole
the ruthless fisherman moves on
fresh waters await
filled with more unknowing
delectable little fish to seduce
beware little minnow
that’s a sharp hook
coated in the poetry of lies
not a tasty treat
about love and spiritualism
swim away brave minnow
and never ever look back

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

38 thoughts on “Hook, Line, and Sinker

  1. Love the cruel savagery and calculating brutality at work in this, Tara. If love is even the right word for what I feel. Intimidated is probably closer the mark. It’s so ruthless and predatory. Sent shivers right up and down my spine. That fisher scares me through and through, and I hope that brave little minnow gets away. Provided little minnow wants to that is.

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    1. I sincerely hope that minnow sees the truth of it and swims far and fast. That’s why I called out the warning. I, with my feet in at the water’s edge, bathing one evening, witnessed this vicious wicked one preying upon one who I care for deeply. My heart gripped in fear for the minnow. Cupping my hands, I lapped up a handful of the water and tasted the memories there. The water spoke to me, showed me the Fisherman and her gleaming eyes and sharpened nails. I saw her disembowel one upon another. I knew I had to whisper out a warning. I would beckon that minnow to seek shelter between my legs but I don’t think she will. She’s one for hiding and darting amongst the underwater forest.

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        1. I wrote this more for the fisherman and less for all the minnows out there. But if one minnow in particular heeds the warning, well that would be good too.

          I am doing alright. Nice and crispy outside, my favorite.

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        2. I’m so glad it can be a dark world out there. I’m glad you are doing alright. It’s 49 here and turning colder but I bet that is warm for you? I love cool crisp weather too!

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        3. In the last week the warmest I’ve seen in 28* where I live. I know they got snow in Anchorage recently. We normally get our permanent snow on Halloween but the termination dust isn’t that low on the mountains yet. Soon, I’m sure. Once the clouds come back. Of course, 49* would be warm right now but chilly in summer. lol

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        4. Wow! That’s awesome! I’ve watched so many wonderful documentaries and tv shows about Alaska. It’s an amazing place with so many beautiful scenes! It sounds like you have to be pretty tough to live in some areas. Fishing and hunting seem to be crucial.

          Liked by 1 person

        5. Just as long as you’re not watching the reality TV series that aren’t grounded in reality at all. I actually know some of those people LOL I guess “tough” is subjective. I would say the majority of people who leave (or stay and complain) gripe mostly about the light in summer, the dark in winter, and the lack of fresh food or city-folk stuff like clubs and malls and shit. It’s certainly not for everyone. I can’t fault anyone for that. Yes, I subsistence fish and hunt and try to grow my own veggies (minorly). Not everyone does, contrary to popular belief. Over half of the population of Alaska lives in Anchorage and the burbs. Then there’s Fairbanks, Juneau and Ketchikan. Mostly city people really. Just a different kind of city.

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        6. Lol I’m guilty of watching some of the reality shows.. Alaskan Bush People, Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch and others. Haha there are some characters on those shows. I live in a small town that doesn’t have much but we do have all of the necessities. I can’t imagine having to fish and hunt for survival. I mean there are some people that live pretty secluded here but not Alaska secluded. Lol I would be so clueless but I suppose I would learn if I had to. It’s cool you know some of those people lol like celebrities. My sister loved Twin Peaks the series lol. I know the story is based there and not much reality but that is when I learned that Alaska is pretty cool. Lol

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        7. I’m not saying don’t watch them… just don’t believe they are in any way depicting real life. I was next door neighbors growing up with one of the deadliest catch guys. Used to hang with him all the time. Been on the Time Bandit more times than I can count. I know those guys. And of course the Kilchers oh god don’t get me started. I’m sure you already know that Twin Peaks was filmed in WA & OR and Northern Exposure was WA. Having never seen either I have no idea if they are real or not. Alaska is different and Alaskans are odd. I would say that most people here aren’t THAT secluded… but we do value our privacy. We’re a funny bunch that way.

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        8. Dang! Lol I always thought It was Alaska lol you taught me something. I was a youngster back then. It’s an odd show though lol. Lol I forgot about the Kilchers. That makes me want to go watch them lol. I can’t sleep so maybe that will help until I can.


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