Feathers in the Light, Shimmer

He made her feel like she could fly. Like she could do anything she put her heart to, because he believed in her. He made her soul lift and smile. He made laughter burst from her lips. He brought color to her mornings and to her evenings.

In her mind, he loved her. But the truth was, he never really did. She was just one of many who believed the kindness was real. She steps back from the ledge, unable to lift her wings.

I want to tell her she is loved, just not by him. I want to tell her that her feathers are beautiful and she glimmers in the afternoon sun. I want to tell her it will be okay.

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

20 thoughts on “Feathers in the Light, Shimmer

  1. And we all, in some way, want to feel our feathers glimmer. Even if we’re not quite sure what kind of feathers they are… or what flying means to us… we have that ache inside, and we know when our wings have dared to flex again

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  2. crushingly sad … hope where it is desperately needed but the story feels enticingly unfinished, i like that in some strange way – leave the reader to mourn or wait or finish the story themselves? but when? will the reader get it right? how can we ever know what is right or what comes next … annoyningly … sometimes that can be fun when words tease – did you intend this? its frustrating and fun, makes one ask all sorts of questions – that’s never a bad thing for me – thanks …

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    1. Well mr rider, I wrote this in a moment of heartache… and then I was filled with so much self-loathing as I wrote it that I stopped. I came back to it in my notes the other day, read it again, thought, ‘yeah, let the reader decide for themselves, is it worth it?’ For me, I’m still mourning… but I’m a bit of a doomed romantic anyway, aren’t I?

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      1. are we not all doomed no matter? – but should one feel bad for mourning? i’m not sure if that is what you meant, but i know there are things i will always mourn – that has a place. i like the term hopeless romantic, because while it is labelled hopeless it doesn’t seem negative to me, as that feels like a term given by people who ‘aren’t’ or more likely who deny their romantic self or more frighteningly suppress their emotional self more generally which is something that truly seems hopeless to me and far more deserving of a feeling of doom …

        i like that it remains unfinished. sometimes it is better that way.

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        1. Thanks. I call myself a doomed romantic because I do feel doomed in the area of love with a partner. Certainly I have love in friendship and family love and even lustful and long-term love. But that other type I seem doomed to just wish for.

          We all have our own burdens to bear.


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