an ocean rages inside me
pours out in sobs and wails

crashes against my ribcage
drowning my heart, my soul

streams of liquid heartache flow down
tears constantly falling

I was whole when you were in me
you walked effortlessly across my stormy peaks and troughs

now I’m dry on the outside
parchment skin and cracked lips

while within I’m a torrent of loss
salty whirlpools seething

swirling, spinning, floundering, drowning
sucked down in memories and lost dreams

reach down and take my hand
calm my soul with your balm of love

tara caribou | ©2020

36 thoughts on “Oceans

  1. This is beautiful poetry. You really know how to capture a sentiment in so few words. This will resonate with any of us who have experienced heartache.

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    1. Oohh you… this originally was posted with a piece of artwork, which I have since pulled down. But reading it again reminded me of the art. You know me… I’m a fan of ocean-y things. I suppose it comes from growing up so near the ocean and living here now. Seems ingrained in me.

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      1. I totally get that. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve mountains and pine trees from the place my family would visit almost every summer. I’ve since had the privilege of living in mountain-y areas, and the affinity I have for those places inspires a lot of my writing, I think.

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        1. Today it was around 60? But for the last two weeks or so, it was around 75. 2020 summer is going to be awful. Planning to escape into the New England area

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        2. Let’s say it’s unseasonably warm. This is usually the coldest time in my area and historically it can get into the teens. Usually hovers around freezing, though. My town, specifically, is going to be the center of the climate Armageddon, I think.

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  2. ‘while within i’m a torrent of loss’ – amazing … seems so real, life is a torrent of loss – we start with only so much and the ride ends when it is all gone – use it wisely, whatever ‘it’ is … i wish it were easy, but no …

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