Winter Peace

I’ve been spending as much time as I can on my beach, letting the quiet soak into my bones and its peace cover my soul.

I have a narrow road to recovery but it is these moments that I find myself able to heal, little pieces at a time. Parts of me feeling betrayed. Parts relieved. Parts hurting and parts full of love and loneliness.

It’s cold. I have not seen the temperatures rise above single digits (Fahrenheit) for several weeks. Mostly staying right around -5 to 2* F. Somehow, when I’m sitting on the beach, the waves lapping at my boots, the cold doesn’t penetrate quite as deeply. I feel peace and yet a little bit of restlessness. Winter is far from over. I’m okay with that, too.

Ice crystals growing on the inside of my spare room windows.

~tara caribou | ยฉ2020

31 Comments on “Winter Peace

  1. i cant imagine anything that cold other than what i store frozen food in. mid 40 celsius is normal this time of year here and in winter maybe -2 celcius in the dead of morning, but dry, no water, no snow, no rain, just cold desert.

    that said, each place has its mystery, its charm, its allure, its way of seducing us back to basics leaving the complexities behind. the sight and sound of those small waves lapping at a frozen shore really isn’t that much different to a seriously dry hot wind whistling through desert oaks over a desolate and sandy outback. there is something in it for me that strips away things that don’t matter and gives my mind space to expand and fill the void rather than being compressed into what the speed of modern life arbitrarily and insistently defines without reason or logic. taking in raw nature in whatever form feels cleansing and transformative … if only everything was so fundamental and simple.

    i hope you have the space to recover and realign with what really matters – from where i sit, expression, writing, sharing, authenticity, perseverance, stoicism, realism, acceptance and all the conflicts those things bring, with all the trust those things bring and trusting nobody more than ones self …

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  2. Balmy 7ยฐ here at my house. I think Iโ€™ll wear shirts to work today. Iโ€™m getting too old for cold. A southing we may go…

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  3. I love to sit by the water any day of the year. Like you said – even in the dead of winter, the cold is not as penetrative on the beach.
    A great post with both a literal and a metaphorical message.
    The video is so soothing and the picture of your window totally stunning.
    I hope you’re recovering well.

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  4. Oh Tara. The ice crystals are beautiful. I am so happy to see this post from you, Iโ€™m sorry the journey is not a faster one, but so happy there is a path. Thoughts and hugs to you ๐Ÿ’•

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  5. I love the textures and tide whispers in that video so much.

    I was going to head for my own bit of beach tonight, but the winter here is not ok with me, too full of mean echoes right now… so I visited an old friend instead… for an overdue catch-up and a bigger hug than I had hoped for.

    But this piece of tide will linger in a dream or two tonight.

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    • At least it was able to touch you where you are. And Iโ€™m so glad you were able to get that big hug. Iโ€™m a hugger myself so I know how great a hug can be.

      Some days the waves are crashing and violent and some days it whispers its secrets to those of us who listen.


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