Lock and Key

your voice is the key to all my locks
whispered words easily slip between my thighs
I shiver
metaphors and allegory
drench our sheets
as profound prayers and verbs
saturate the thick air around us
I will swallow every uttered pronoun
powerful verses, the rhythm we move to
your voice is the key
and how well it turns my locks
well-oiled from use and anticipation
my mouth becomes dry and I lick my lips
I’m ready to devour
your every instruction and creed
ravish my flesh with your lyrical rhymes
my back arches raising me closer
to feel your breath on all my secret places
places you’ve read again and again
remembering has me biting my lip
closing my eyes, groans of desire
your voice is the key
and how well it slides within all my locks
a perfect fit every time

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

16 thoughts on “Lock and Key

    1. Hey Goldie. I use both. It really depends on the piece. I’m an organic writer so if it feels right or looks right, that’s what I do. Sometimes it feels right to capitalize, sometimes lower. Sometimes punctuation, sometimes not. My OCD also has things to do with it, I’m sad to say.

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