Mind Separation

I’m pushed and pulled
Taken advantage of
Long forgotten
Minor distraction
Shoved aside
Second to last
A piece of meat
Obeyer of rules
Follower of instructions
Less important
Wet and heavy
Always ready
Want to be wanted
Heart bursting
Eyes dry
Screams silenced
Fists pounding
Stuffed inside
Control slipping
Mind fracturing
Please help me
Dream a redeemer

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

32 thoughts on “Mind Separation

  1. sounded like writing from the soul, then i noticed you confirm that in a previous comment.
    much resonated.
    i often struggle with ‘the way things are’ and ‘where i fit into the picture’ and wonder if it is ‘right’
    sometimes it seems where i see myself, what i take on, what i let happen, is a mistake – things like trusting too much, always being there when others aren’t, taken advantage (or the feeling of) etc etc. many of the things you so wonderfully illustrated.
    then i ask – could i be anything else? would i be ok if i wasn’t like this?
    i wouldn’t.
    i get that for some this is way bigger – that’d just my path …

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      1. sometimes it feels so overwhelming and futile … i guess i embrace the futile, i don’t like the idea of giving up … the turmoil created is simultaneously mesmerising and crushing, the only hope knowing that the landing will be as hard or soft as i myself make it …

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