From the Inside Out

there are cracks in my skin
as I pull this woolen cloak of words
tighter across my shoulders

I’m trying to hide all my inside parts
the real parts
the something found beneath ribs and sinew
for it’s deep inside I hide all the truth

I cover my lips with rose petals
and my eyes with shiny shells
I carefully stitch up the cracks
(that always seem to split open
when I least expect it to)
then I smear dark earth along the edges
to seal in the light that’s trying
to make itself known
(it’s the light of love, you see)
but that’s my little secret
between me and my pen

if you knew the truth
how the lies and the truth
dissolve into my mind
you’d turn your back
and I’d get nothing

simply glancing at you and
my heart soars and swoops
it nearly erupts from my chest,
even after these years

would that I were a poet,
I’d write, oh how I’d write
line upon line about you
if I were a writer,
I’d fill pages and more pages
all about you and love and perfection
and all my desires being realized

rather, I’ve got this cracked skin
and this quilt of words
and from a chipped mug I’m drinking
black ink which stains my lips yet
tastes like the peppery flavor of roses
and I’m wishing they tasted like you instead

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

16 thoughts on “From the Inside Out

      1. Thank you, Tara… I believe you think too highly of me. Nevertheless, I am working on revisions for a story. Once I happy with the way it reads, I will post it 🙂
        I know that doesn’t really answer your question haha, but I don’t know myself!

        Liked by 1 person

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