General Goings-On (status update)

Well, I was thinking I should update you on what’s going on at Raw Earth Ink.

First I want to start by saying: THANK YOU!! Yes, you, dear reader, for stopping by and making my words a part of your day. I am continually humbled and honored by all the true follows, likes and especially comments and shares. You rock. And you make my days a bit brighter.

And to those of you who have purchased my books or submitted your work to any of the projects… you guys are awesome. Really. I truly mean that. As an avid reader myself, I am so honored that you would purchase my work or allow me to read your never-seen-before work.

Second, I want to mention that you can buy the books Fallen Star Rising (my 240 page poetry book) and Static Dreams Volume 1 (a 260 page short story anthology) from your choice of book retailer.

Fallen Star Rising PAPERBACK
Raw Earth Ink (signed copy)
lulu (use the code LULU10 to get 10% off through the 21st!)
Barnes and Noble

Static Dreams PAPERBACK
Raw Earth Ink
lulu (use the code LULU10 to get 10% off through the 21st!)
Barnes and Noble

Static Dreams E-BOOK
lulu, iBooks, Nook, Kindle

The next thing coming up is Static Dreams Volume 2 which is due out in December. I’m just as excited about this volume as the first one! I will definitely keep you posted on it.

Another nine dark and twisted short stories to keep you looking over your shoulder.

Besides that, submissions are currently open for the upcoming poetry anthology The Poets Symphony, written by you, edited and put together by me. Check out the post here for details. The deadline to get your 1-5 poems in is 31 December. I look forward to reading your work!

I’ve got lots more brewing in the background but for now, love and light to you all. Each and every one.

~tara caribou

22 thoughts on “General Goings-On (status update)

        1. I am not eligible for Amazon review that will show on their website cos I don’t spend enough to buy books. I read of my Kindle usually, and I have found the comments didn’t count towards Amazon review.

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