Bare Souls, Raw Love

In my mind, I see us there. Bare souls. All the special places inside you are shaped just like me. The flavors in my mouth are found only in the bright colors of your mind.

Our hands are stitched together in a pocket of wool and rainbows. This glitter in my eyes is the heavens moving to the galaxies which drop from your tongue.

Whether I bite my lip or bare my neck, you still see all I hoped to hide away. In my mind, you love me with a rare gift of love. The dark and jaded pasts fade away. Our palms clasped, fingers entwined, future hopeful.

You lift me up and hold me close, letting what was behind me drip away; you see only the pureness of we. Somehow we take steps forward and it’s easy and natural because in my mind that’s how we’ve always been.

Every facet of you shines out and I bask in this, our love. In my mind, you spread your raw love over my cheeks and I wash your feet with my tears. In my mind, we are bare souls but it doesn’t scare me.

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

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