2:06am (Insomnia)

We were laying on the bed facing one another. Our breathing slowing as we had just made love and it was intense and deep.

We were looking into each other’s eyes and I reached over and gently stroked down the side of your face with my fingertips.

Your eyes gently closed and you had such a peaceful look on your face. I felt so in love and I felt love radiating from you; it was tangible as if we were in a cocoon.

Everything felt right and at peace.

I sighed and you opened your eyes and we looked at one another and time wasn’t a part of that moment.

We lived an entire lifetime together in that moment. There were stars and galaxies moving in your eyes and I knew you saw the same thing in mine.

I touched your cheek again. I knew I never wanted another. I was for you and you were for me.

I have never felt so complete as I did in that small space we had carved out together.

tara caribou | ©2019

The latest addition in my category named Insomnia. These are real dreams taken at real times. They might be dark or weird or fantastic or erotic. Welcome to my mind.

Insomnia (noun) 1. inability to obtain sufficient sleep, especially when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness.

12 Comments on “2:06am (Insomnia)

  1. nice. very. there is a reason why it is said the eyes are a window to the soul, of course that isn’t always a good thing, but to be clinical, the post-coital eyes are certainly the deepest … if you are with the right person 😉 that’s arguably when ‘I know’ …

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      • i could only answer for how i perceive it – it might be different for others, and im not sure i really know. i think there is a tipping point, where guarded goes to unguarded – where reserved goes to unreserved – where holding back goes to no holds barred – where i have bared all and so has my partner. and with that, if there is no shame, no regret, no looking away, no self-consciousness, no guilt – thats when i can see my partner without any filters or interpretation – and if they see me back the same way … well, thats wonderful. and as i said, thats when ‘i know’ …

        all sounds a bit melodramatic, maybe, but sadly i’ve experienced the ‘other’ and only worked it out in hindsight when it didn’t seem right – moreover it came home to roost when i experienced the ‘real thing’, which was somewhat confronting about previous experiences. if that makes sense.

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        • That does make sense, completely, thank you! And it also makes me very happy to know you have experienced such a thing. You’ve given me much to think about.

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  2. This is great writing, Tara, as it captures that moment when two individuals create an entirely new space or reality in which they live, perfectly. At such times it is almost impossible to find words to convey feeling, yet you have managed it. Lovely!

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      • It certainly did, Tara.
        Regarding your post today (I see comments are turned off): what you have experienced is horrible – the down side to social media. I’d like you to know that I am glad that I discovered your work (which I admire greatly) and appreciate your efforts. Do take care. And yes, being nice is key…and not difficult.

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