And now I see
There’s venom dripping from your slick tongue
Oh, that same tongue I loved to suck on
The one that first invaded my dreams
Which danced before my watering eyes
The one I spread myself wide open for

That tongue which wrapped itself expertly
Around all the delicious parts of me
Curling and dipping within
Writing out curse words upon my edges
Before pushing in deeply
I never felt the poison you slipped inside

Oh, I begged for your tongue
Between ejaculations of more & oh god fuck me
You’ve infected me
I turn to the left and it’s your face
I drop to my knees
But you’re standing before me

You placed your hand across my blueing lips
I believed you
Oh god, how I believed you!
I wanted to, wanted you, so bad
I’m a worm and you are divinity
Carefully sculpted and I ate you up

Your unblinking eyes mesmerized me
Your tongue traced along my throat
Or was it your fingers coiled there?
I thought I was something special, just for you
Pulling your face closer
I begged you to take me

My limbs have lost all feeling
My lights are fading dim
I hear a voice from far away
I’m slipping

Tremors overtake me
Foam-flecks on my chin
Eyes rolling, I’m shaking on the floor
Your venom flows through my veins

And even still
I love you

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

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