This hurts, my lover
I want so much to be in your arms
To have you hold me
Stroke my hair
Ease the torment of my disease
To have you look into my eyes
And for once, for even a moment
The agony would relent
All the pasts forgotten, forgiven
My spirit freed
That ache in my body
My sickness wouldn’t define me
It would be you
Your hands and your lips
Your words and your arms
They would rewrite who I am
This blackness that eats away at me
Devours my body, my soul
Would play the lesser part
Your magic would weave around me
A spell unmoving
And though my flesh continues
To whither and fade
Your love would hold my soul together
Bound with yours
To my last dying breath
If only I was in your arms today

tara caribou | ©2019

40 thoughts on “Cancer

        1. I have found a couple very good friends… or rather, they found me. And a few…. more than acquaintances but not quite friends? I’m very particular about who I count as a friend, I suppose.

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        2. I know you like my writing too. I like your writing and your mind, you have an amazing imagination.
          Nothing funny about that, you like what you like.

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Very passionate, much like all your work which; for me, is the pull. I love the reapportion of diseases and physical pain to that of emotional distress. Excellent piece..though i hope the pain subsides!

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