High Tide

I felt your pull and
how could I fight it?
Why would I?
Your waves
gently washed over my heart and
filled all the tidepools
of my soul.
You brought life and
fresh oxygen to my limp
and lifeless hands.
When your fingers slid
over and around my thighs,
I opened myself completely
to you, love and life
filling me, renewing.
I’m bursting forth
into this that is us.
And when you pull back away,
swells becoming my lullaby,
I’m following right along
because without you
I’m dry shells
in the sands of time
and I’ll never
look back behind me again.

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

10 thoughts on “High Tide

  1. The ocean works so well for metaphors, I like how you subtle use it here. Feelings ebb and flow and sometimes drown us.
    The contrast to the shells that can echo the absent waves was a wonderful turn. Loved this piece.

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