How Long

How long will it take for the light to fade from her eyes? Before you become a soft memory? For the ache to release its grip?

Oh how her tears flow!
(May they stop soon.)
How her shoulders shudder!
How she sighs!

How many hours has she given to wild desperation? To hope? To wistful longing?

How she treasures this,
This meeting of minds.
Oh how her heart aches!
How it heals and yet still aches.

How long? How long until she can’t take it anymore? Until the dreadful weight of actuality finally forces her to her knees?

Until she turns her face to the sky and submits to more than fantasy and wishful delusions. Until she loses hope in regaining membership in real love’s embrace.

Perhaps, it’s already begun.

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

6 thoughts on “How Long

  1. This is very emotive and relatable, Tara. In some ways we are merely borrowers of love and, despite how much we may wish to embrace and keep hold of it, eventually, like a treasured library book, we have to return it.
    Fine writing.

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