A New Name

Twisted and full of fury
Burning with something deeper
More real than this earth
Surrounded and engulfed
I am delighted in you

I am a doe clinging to rock cliffs, safe within, always finding my foothold

I am an albatross soaring while the auroras dance above me, my wings dip and I spin

I am an ivy curling around your resplendent trunk, my leaves opening and spreading

A million stars live and die
In the blink of your eye
Carefully designed
Plucked from the heavens
A pinch of rich soil and a gust of wind

I lay sleeping until you shone upon me
My chest heaved
My eyelids flashed open
My heart became a diamond
Multi-faceted and reflecting only you

Your lips placed a seal upon my hand
Your soul has branded my own
And carved out a new name within my breast

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

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