Book Release – Static Dreams Volume 1

Helllooo all you lovely people. I know. I’ve been quieter than normal around here but that’s only because I’ve been working on this:

Ohhh yes, my friend, you see that correctly. Right here in my hands, well, not currently because I type with both hands *ahem* but recently I held it and caressed it just a little because inside these pages comes a great collection of works I am very proud of.

The anthology (in its first volume) contains nine short stories from a group of really awesome writers. I am so humbled to work with these guys. Truly.

Sooo, I’ve set the release date for the 25th of October… yes, you too can gently caress, or hold in your shaky grip, depending on how darkly twisted you really are, Raw Earth Ink’s first anthology. The second one will be out later this year, for those of you counting.

Need another teaser to whet your ravenous appetite?? Don’t mind if I do:

Hey don’t mind me, though, I’ll be plugging this book right and left because these guys deserve it:

Go check ’em out, if you haven’t already.

Okay, bye for now!

tara caribou

p.s. you can purchase this directly from me, if you’d like, by clicking the “purchase” link on my blog.

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    • Ellipses rule. They leave so much to the imagination…. but… also…. periods are essential too. Otherwise youโ€™re standing around awkwardly staring at each other for far longer than feels right.

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