That Fine Line

Your feet nearly touch the thin line, waiting, then pushing a toe tentatively nearer; you sigh wistfully, pull back gently. What delight may be held, should you ultimately cross over? Would it be to your peril or your salvation? There are risks and there are rewards to that line. You know you can’t straddle it. It will destroy you. You must choose, right?

You glance down one end of the line. It is boundless. You turn and gaze far out the other direction; it is without end. You never can tell if it is a circle you stand inside or out of. It’s not that the grass is always greener, but rather different. You want both. We all do. You want the best. Is that wrong?

You lower to your knees. The line just beyond your bent limbs. Your fingers tip-toe silently closer. Your index finger stretches out. Pauses. You want to just touch it. It’s right there. No one would see, right? Just a touch. A thousand voices whisper and shout in your mind. It’s not worth it. It never works out. What harm can it do? You deserve this. If it feels right, do it. You do you. There is wickedness in flesh. What they don’t know can’t hurt them….

Your finger pulses with energy. The line beckons. You inch closer still. You are filled with questions and wonder and desire and just the thought of crossing this line fills you with excitement and covers you in warmth. You are flooded with emotion and possibility. You are so close now. Your fingernail is at the cusp. You breathe in and…

tara caribou | ©2019

….tell me, how did it end for you? Did you cross the line, or stay where you were? Was it worth it?

11 Comments on “That Fine Line

  1. Falling to my human knees, my pleas are cried in the broken voice of my truth. Tears fall unceasingly: I’m weak and this I know most. Of course I crossed the line, how could I not, being so enticed with lines of daring. It was most unfair that it was even there. It was with full reluctant guessing I assure you. And yes. It was worth it- during those few euphoric moments just before waves of guilt washed over me. So- adjudicate me, and do to me as you must… 🙂
    Sorry I got a bit inspired to answer, poetically.

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