Far-Flung Galaxies

my fingers slip through murky ink
gravel rushes towards my face
these tears will stay inside
harboring all the hate and dread and sadness
prone to stargaze I lift my chin
looking for that one pale red star
mist swirls around my shoulders
letters and code drift aimlessly before my eyes
stretching my hand out
I pluck a few motes without effort
they weigh heavily in my palm so
I relax my fingers and blow them out
little galaxies all their own
far-flung they, perhaps, sting your eyes
you never read my words anyway
forget I said anything

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

17 thoughts on “Far-Flung Galaxies

  1. This feeling of being distant
    can feel like too far away
    for others to try and connect
    we simple can’t see the way
    no matter how much they try,
    what they do or what they say
    if we feel far in another galaxy
    a message they can’t convey
    can feel it, you’re but not stray
    let’s team versus darkness
    along with all its offspring,
    that is what we need to slay.


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