A lesson in empathy, vol. 3 (REBLOG)

Every thinking person should read these lessons in empathy. Step out of your small world for a moment…

Patrick Walts

Imagine that grown, creepy men have been trying to fuck you since you were ten years old. Imagine one of them did, and when you told people, no one believed you.

Imagine agonizing over what to wear before you leave the house because you know you’ll be judged for whatever choice you make.

Imagine that everywhere you go, leering eyeballs are glued to your body, sending signals of unimaginable perversion to the porn-charged brains behind them. Imagine some of the owners of those eyeballs not knowing how to be cool and opting for a lingering lascivious gaze instead of a discreet glance.

Imagine knowing that someone is talking to you for the sole purpose of trying to get in your pants. You don’t want anything to do with that person, and in their eyes that makes you a stuck-up bitch.

Imagine that you find someone who you do want to…

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