Misery, Misery, Misery

Is naïveté my middle name? Did I make a fool of myself? Am I telling myself sweet lies to candy-coat reality? What’s really important? Is it me? I think not.

All the old habits come back to haunt me. I beg and plead but still they come back to me. I am rotting flesh and they are the flies who relish putrid meat. Naïveté is my middle name but Pathetic is my first.

I fill my ears, stuff them, really, with blood-soaked cotton. I want to believe the murmurs that make their way through. Sometimes I do. But in the end, I know it’s all lies. The oozing sludge drips off my earlobe onto my shoulder. For some reason, I lift my finger and lick it.

My first name is Pathetic and my last… is mine to keep.

tara caribou | ©2019

23 thoughts on “Misery, Misery, Misery

        1. I use an app in my phone called Over. It’s not available for PC though. But I do a bunch of graphic stuff with it and am quite pleased with it. I use the free version.


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