Before you, my life was pale. Incomplete. Unsatisfactory. An element was missing I could never place. I tried filling that spot with lots of other things and people, nothing ever matching up just right. I wasn’t searching for love. And yet, in a moment our hearts went from two to one. Our spirits became bound, intertwined, irremovable one from the other. That unknowable thing I was always searching for – trying to find, but never being met – somehow found me.

My sails have found their wind. My night has found its moon and stars. My waves have found their shore. My fire has found its fuel. I have found my home in you. In you, I choose to rest.

tara caribou | ©2019

15 Comments on “Bound

  1. This is lovely. I’m keeping it! I always wanted my independence, live my own life, be strong and love many women… and then I met her. And want. For nothing.

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