Nothing So Sweet

the thing is
my hands stretch out for you
my dreams
wrap around yours
they swirl and intermingle
to the point I doubt I could
separate these threads of wispy fog
from my ankles or my wrists
I lift every morsel you
shift towards me
and swallow it whole
like a heron snapping up the frog
my belly swells
with everything that is you
twirling my hair around my fingers
I listen
your words pelting my forehead, my ears
great drops of
life-giving refreshment
my palms lifting on their own
they ferry sips and swallows
to my mouth
oh I’ve tasted from another
and lo another and yet
nothing so sweet has graced my lips
even your name
is a fragrance to my heart
I inhale deeply and am
with light and life
laughter spills forth unbidden
and I am unable
yet again
to confine it
for my heart skips and sings louder
as love buries deeper
into my emerald forest soul

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

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