Static Dreams Volume 1

Here’s the line-up for volume one, due out in October!! I’m so excited to reveal the book to you guys once it’s finished. Show these indie authors some love!

also… pSsst! (there’s a second volume already in the works 😉)

29 thoughts on “Static Dreams Volume 1

        1. You would be correct. I have been going back and forth with including it but I guess I finally just made the decision a few days ago… also, last night I edited your own story. It was nice because there were only three things lol Makes my job easy! 😉

          Currently working on the second pass-through of the first book.

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  1. Awesome! I am really looking forward to both volumes of the book. Haha I’m glad I made it easy on you. I mean, considering how many times I went through it myself, if you would have found many more errors, I would have been seriously concerned. I will be posting an excerpt on my website as well on launch day. Once we get closer to that date, I’ll get in touch with you and make sure you are okay with what I’m planning to post.

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