I Can Fly

I can fly
It’s really not that hard
I just lift up off the ground and do it
I can fly
Gravity really doesn’t affect me
Unless I want it to
Then I softly land and allow it to hold me
The view is amazing
The air is crisp cold and clean
I can overcome any obstacle
Get places with ease
You have to watch out
for telephone lines though
It’s easy to move when you’re flying
You don’t have to worry about coordination
You just go
If I want to fly north, I just do
I can fly
The only problem is
Not always, but sometimes
There’s a weight holding me down
It’s not gravity
It’s not anything physical
It’s my own fear
It sort of pisses me off honestly
Because I can fly
And there’s no logical reason why I can’t
But there are times I try to lift off
And my own damn fear pulls me down
Have you ever experienced that?
How do you combat it?
Because I can fly
But sometimes I don’t

tara caribou | ©2019

14 thoughts on “I Can Fly

  1. It’s all a state of mind, really. In some ways it would be wonderful to always feel that way, but actually our doubts and fears and lows give us so much creative perspective that I think we’d miss them. I like how you have structured this, Tara.

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  2. I get this. Neurosis and anxiety have crippled me all my life. I really want to be more optimistic but there are times when I just can’t. I like this piece a lot Tara. It’s simple but it conveys so much.

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