Misery is a Mermaid

I’m all fucked in the head
got love lines drawn
pulled tight
oh you cast your words like a net
lots of tasty treats out here in the sea
but I’m not the little minnow or a giant whale
my hair is kelp and my feet are shells
I’m just by-catch
tangled and trapped
pull me up
pick me out
toss me back out into the inky brine
if only my eyes were gold coins
or my nails were shiny scales
or my smile was sweet
or my voice was seductive
or my flesh succulent
I’m all fucked in the head
‘cause sometimes I wish I wasn’t a mermaid
yeah if I was just another fish in the sea
maybe then you’d eat me

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

24 thoughts on “Misery is a Mermaid

    1. Yeah… I wrote this in two layers. Once with the undertones and actual meaning and then a second time when I wasn’t hurting quite as much, I spread a thinner coat of imagery on top to hide what I was really saying underneath.

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  1. Being another fish in the sea
    not sure if anyone wants to be
    you feel like you are trapped
    and you want to be set free
    from what I’ve heard in stories
    and mythology about mermaids
    it’s that they are so beautiful
    others can’t compare its shade.

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