Inhale sandalwood embers
Smoke seeps from the corners of her eyes
Drifts past her cheeks
Soot trails
Maps of tears

Wispy withering clouds
Caress then fall away
Skin bright
Dewdrops etched
Step out trailing vapor
Swirling ‘round ankles
Falling free

Cracked and fracture
Dropping pieces
Leaving behind crumbs
Glass shards
Finger prick
Bloody sliver melts
Gains wings
Flexes and flies away

Glitter floating
Showing where she’s been
Amongst the branches and bark
Petals and blades
Flittering fluttering
Landing to lap sweet nectar
Tongue delving deep within

Her thighs spread wide, wider
Beckoning the forest
Come fuck me
Leave behind
Your sugared seed
Bursting forth
New life orgasms

Gasping panting
Speeding toward the dirt
Oh! Oh! ooohhh!!! Fuck!
Galaxies spinning away
Crystals and glass

Begin again

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

29 thoughts on “Chrysalis

  1. I don’t know why, but I just feel there is something very sad and melancholic about this piece.
    Wonderful work with imagery, though!

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