The Second Time

at first there was excruciating, agonizing pain
sweat on my lip, my heart beat erratically
my breathing was uneven, ragged
my heart paused
skipped, missed, paused again
I stopped breathing
I kept staring at the window blind
without really seeing anything at all
everything stretched and elongated
like separating a yolk from the white
I moved away from my body
I remained tethered to it
I knew I wasn’t breathing
my heart sat still in my chest
everything became heavy and light
my body seemed to dim and fade while
my soul seemed to access peace
no fear, no pain, no hearing, no weight
I kept stretching
there was no motion of time
I wanted to keep moving away
without going anywhere
there was a slip from here to there
I felt the edge of it
a whisper of a thought
not yet
I felt the gentle tug of my body
my chest pulled in air
my heart jumped and pumped
I felt very cold and dry
my stomach hurt again
I blinked my parched icicle eyes
and then I cried
and cried and cried

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

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