One wrong misstep
Misplaced word
Lost or perhaps unspoken
Transformation from angel to…
Something else electrifying

Arms spread wide
Fingertips glowing
Chin to chest
Slowing rising
Like a crucified messiah

Hair spreading out lifting
Energetic aggressive current
Pops snaps
Eyes widening
Jaw drops

Released cloudburst of energy
Bright screams
Blue light radiates out
Hide away! Beware!

Enveloped and unable to look away
Medusa-like filaments whip about
A dry wind blows over
Raised arm hairs

Dirt and dust blowing
Close your eyes tight
Feel the heat on your face
Breathe deep
Rain is coming

Boom ggrrrruuummble

Pelting torrents
Needles on your skin
Coming back up from underneath

No reflections in puddles
But her flashing eyes
Bared teeth
Lips stretched thin

Her rage covers and engulfs
No way to ignore or look away
She’s into your very pores
Zig-zag neon fire across the sky

Her wrath is lightning in your dark skies

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

13 thoughts on “Lightning

  1. To me this reads like one’s inner demons raging hard against reason. A case, perhaps, of over-analysing something (words heard maybe) and then being led down a darkened road. I may be well off, but this is how I interpreted this powerful piece.

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