Gone Fishin’

I’m around… sort of. Summer in Alaska. Busy. I’ve been the last few days doing a type of subsistence fishing called set-net. It’s moderately labor intensive but worth it to teach others the “old ways”. So here are a few pics, should my view interest you.

Mostly silver salmon, which is exactly what I wanted. Good amount of fat and flavor.
Set-net fishes the high tides, so that meant early (for me) and then again later, close to sunset around 1030pm.
That splash is the tell-tale sign that a fish has hit the net!
In the smokehouse.

43 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

      1. This neighbor sounds awesome. I totally approve of his choice of canis familiaris!

        If he’s bald, drives a Jeep and espouses libertarianism its going to get a bit weird tho…

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        1. I do think he’s bald but he drives a black pick-up of some sort and I have no idea his political stances. I’ve never done more than wave to him as I drive or walk by. He’s only here a couple months out of the year.


    1. The non-glorious part is when you pull in the net and it’s covered in kelp and seaweed, you have to hand-pick it out. And you have to be quick because you don’t want to miss your window of opportunity.

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