Can You Feel Them?

her heartbeats fluttering against your chest
she beats for you
she speaks of you
incline your ear to her

puh-thump your words flow in
puh-thump her ink pours out

every glance you bestow, she leaps
she lifts high, spins and whirls
her feet are swift
finding purchase on rocky cliffs
with you beside her, your palm upon her back
she’s fearless and sure-footed

lifting her face, she rests, sun upon her cheek
its golden glow envelopes her skin
your breath, that cool breeze

she sighs
she dreams

her heart beats stronger
puh-thump, puh-thump, puh-thump
she pulses for you

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this is my poetry book, Four.

10 thoughts on “Can You Feel Them?

  1. Exquisitely written!

    The “puh-thump” part had me hooked. Wasn’t entirely sure where the piece was headed; initially I was expecting a dark twist for some reason lol.

    But you did it way better. The pay-off was worth it. Everything aligning 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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