Filaments of Ink

sinking into deep cold indigo
it presses in
holds me there
open my mouth to scream but
it slowly pushes back
a rubber balloon against my teeth
chilling and tastes of tar
surrounded yet noticing the shadow of a wind
my hair stands on end
as my ears lay flat
my nose twitches
straining for a touch
a sound
a word
heartbeats tap my eardrums
swollen tongue
dry swollen eyelids
emptiness stretches on
it’s cold in here
I am quietly alone
tap my shell and I will crack
lick my skin and I will melt
say my name and I will fly
a hundred crumpled pages
glimpses of who I really am
for I am

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

10 thoughts on “Filaments of Ink

      1. absolutely, but its never enough, it never answers the questions, it is never all we need – nobody else gets us like we do ourselves … the deeper the waters run the more pain that causes, superficiality seems to be the answer to bonded happiness, depth is the cancer of relationship. seems like we are our own best friend, but our own biggest adversary … even when we are alone, we can’t ignore what we say to ourselves …

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        1. True, somewhat. But I thrive and evolve and grow on my closest, deepest relationships. The shallow ones come and go and don’t provide much of a backbone, stealing more energy than returning. That’s my experience at least.


  1. Feeling hopeless
    feeling sad and cold
    can’t see beauty
    inside in your soul
    is quite hard to bear
    lies you’ve been sold
    that you’re worthless
    is what has been told.
    Even though,
    your soul can shine
    as bright as pure gold
    and I do believe
    can shine even more.

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