6:31am (Insomnia)

sitting in a pile of rubbish
every piece of my life surrounding me
I emptied the cabin
piled it up out in the woods
I know what you’re planning
I looked through your phone
you should use a better password
you asshole
you won’t take her life
her will doesn’t even name you
you may be the oldest but
you’re certainly less clever
I won’t allow you your day
as you play the part
good deacon at the local church
good ole boys
won’t the preacher be surprised
tomorrow’s headline will show
a crazy man has set fire to his sister
and everything she owned
in an attempt to silence her
in a final act of revenge
when she discovered he meant
to murder his own mother for raw land
but my phone’s ‘accidentally’
at the edge of the flames
the sheriff will be able to prize it’s secrets
I used your phone to create a conversation
we never had but it’s damning
they will read everything
I wiped your phone
but they’ll find it there too
as they drag you off in handcuffs
self-righteous evil bastard
I know your future
do you?
I will destroy you
lighting the match
flames fifty-feet high
my loss is worth this
I hide down the trail
climb a tree in camouflage
I’ll be here for a fortnight before it will be safe
I will lower myself and make my way
across the border with a new name
and no history
but mom will be safe
my sisters will be safe
their inheritance and one hundred acres safe
and you, dear judas
will be wondering how I did it
as you slowly rot in that cell

tara caribou | ©2019

The latest addition in my category named Insomnia. These are real dreams taken at real times. They might be dark or weird or fantastic or erotic. Welcome to my mind.

Insomnia (noun) 1. inability to obtain sufficient sleep, especially when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness.

28 thoughts on “6:31am (Insomnia)

      1. I’m trying to be more ‘manly’ these days. Broadly this means, cold showers, black coffee and shaving with bowie knife.

        (being manly is pretty darn awful)

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        1. Ha ha. Yeah… I think it does! To be completely fair, with the current state of ‘manliness’ among earths male population someone needs to step up and show us how its done…

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      1. I think you’re in that state between sleep and waking. That’s when you get the weirdest dreams. Once you hit stage four and REM sleep, you won’t dream. I’ve had this problem earlier too. I also had a problem where I’d feel trapped and unable to wake up.

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  1. wish it was only sometimes – I only read today a quote by the Lama “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” … he forgot to mention when you think you are sometimes thinking your own thoughts that scare you too much to talk about them 😉 or something like that … imagine if every thought that made it into the dreams or conscious mind made it out our lips as well … imagine if we could read each others thoughts … heh heh …

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