What I Meant To Say Was…

cool emerald bursts upon my lips
tongue lolling, dog panting
twisting into purrs and moans
the baker’s hands knead white dough
adding yeast and sugar, as required
it’s chocolate and caramel
strawberries and whipped cream
raw black earth and the rain
there’s crashing waves on the briny shore
and the precise, measured lines
swollen lids like swollen nibs of, ink
both draining, gushing, pouring
one a bit more tasty than the other
your choice of which one
I made my own
powerful lines spoken with weak knuckles
or perhaps just a weakness for love
well, weakness is weakness
but I never claimed to be strong
fingers slip deeper within, my skull
if you push right there, hold it, hold it
I’m in the throes of, torment
wide blue eyes watching the window
are you coming? are you coming soon?!
yipping and yapping and drooling
on the carpet when you do
well, fuck, I’m pathetic
a sheet of glass
are you lost??
no, just somersaulting into oblivion
at the bottom of the hill, I hope
there stretches something fantastic
until then I’m raining inside and out
while I suck down passion in crimson whispers
and breathe out fresh crisp jade dreams

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

11 thoughts on “What I Meant To Say Was…

        1. Not stupid. Very much not stupid. Just a difference of opinion. I said some of us aren’t as clever as others. What can I say? Sometimes I just come out say, I love you and I’m not ashamed of love. Other times I say that there’s a dragon on my tongue.


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