Wicked Tongue

oh your wicked tongue slithers slickly across my cheeks, over my eyes and in my ear, shivers of pleasure ripple along my spine

that same wicked tongue which writes ballads over my edges like gold-gilt pages, I flutter as you whisper sweet love and entice me to open myself fully, allowing you read me

oh your wicked tongue knows how to be soft velvet and the sharpest sword, slicing me to ribbons then licking smooth, I ache for that velvet touch, yearn for it, it’s almost worth the gaping wounds

oh your wicked tongue tastes my own, leaving delicious trails of flavor at its passing, a curlicue of desire coils in my belly, burns away the doubts and ignites the endless possibilities of we

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

7 thoughts on “Wicked Tongue

      1. It’s going really good thanks for asking. It’s just been hot here and humid. Typical northeast summer. Really nice days with low humidity are few and far between. What’s going on out there.

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