Forbidden Fire

lips quivering dripping with love and lies
damp eyes turning toward her lover
her hair, woven with kelp and shells
flows over her shoulder, lies across her breast

burning with an insatiable need for her
this hunger for more and more regardless of cost
ash falls as he flares up and consumes everything
flickering down his arms to ever searching hands

forbidden love, she was warned, threatened
our families don’t mix, we never have
yet she followed her heart over ancient rules
lies upon lies, built as a bastion, stemming tides

incompatible together their families said
didn’t understand the feeling she awakened in him
they never could, so stuck in their old ways
unable to accept things or capable of change

they met, came together
her moist lips parting, begging, beckoning
her breath in crashing waves
liquid love coursing down her thighs

the first time they met in secret
she came to him in a rushing torrent
he ignited an inferno of need as she swept against him
steam billowed into the air with his cries

ebbing, flowing, building to a crescendo
she lifted and fell upon his shore, again, again
until her mighty, thundering, tumultuous release
rushing over the cliff, pounding the rocks below

as she swept over him again and again
pleasure causing plumes of flame to fill the air
he felt the pressure inside building in her tempest
and an eruption of fire burst forth illuminating the sky

somehow molten fire became liquid
gushing waves foaming to raging flames
cascading, raining down
moist embers and burning dew

their worlds were forever joined
the earth would never be the same

tara caribou & mike ennenbach | ©2018

Once again, Mike from Mike’s Manic Word Depot has graciously agreed to write with me. I was pleasantly surprised he was willing to explore this subject with me but I’m so glad he did. I’m quite pleased with the results and I hope you are too.

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