Priceless and Precious

I lost something precious
A pearl of immense value
Made its own way to my hearth and home
I remember embracing it
Cherishing its soft smoothness in my palm
It was both warm and cool
I marveled at its creation
In wonder I was blessed to hold it
Now I sigh and whimper
As I fondle all these memories
How beautiful to behold!
How extraordinary its design!
How astonishing to be its cradle!
Improbable that I was worthy
Breathtaking and wondrous
In surprise I discovered it found its way to me
I coddled and loved it
So breathtaking in my eyes
Desire for forever overtook me
I held it tightly to my breast
Jealousy ate through my belly
Passion to be its only owner colored my vision
A trail of melted stone cooled behind me
It began to slip between my fingers
In desperation I placed it behind my lips
Longed to swallow it down
Its cool warm surface rolled smoothly
Above my tongue
Dashed against my teeth
Tears of recognition burned my pupils
It wasn’t mine to keep
It never was
Gently I released it back into my hand
A soft thump as it fell to the cool dark earth
My trembling fingers stretched forth
My voice remained silent
A river ran from my heart and covered my feet
Washing the pearl away from me
I lost the most precious thing
Ever to lay my eyes upon before or since
Now I wander alone

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

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