Love Elemental

How could I fully explain the burning desire I have for you?
Could I paint a scorching picture that would nearly singe your fingertips?
Or weave fiery hot lyrics complete with a feverish tempo?
Perhaps send you heated passionate photographs enough to raise your temperature?

What would it take to perfectly describe the wet, wanting appetite you build in me?
Could I paint a stormy drenched picture that would slip right from your fingers?
Or weave love-soaked lyrics saturated with dripping heartbeats?
Perhaps send you steamy photographs enough to moisten your lips?

When will you completely understand the earthy longing I hold for you?
Could I paint a bold and savage picture that would embolden your dirty hands?
Or weave raw untamed lyrics enhanced by a wild tempo?
Perhaps send you sensual photographs enough to fill your filthy imagination?

Tell me: what would it take?

tara caribou | ©️2019

15 thoughts on “Love Elemental

  1. Please step inside my head and write your beautiful words for the most complex soulfully intertwining relationships I have so I might understand better. You write so beautifully. Big fan always 💝

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