Book Release – Fallen Star Rising by tara caribou

Hi there! Well, I’ve released my poetry book, Fallen Star Rising, for sale. You can find it currently at or if you desire a signed copy, you may buy it directly from me. I’ll let you guys know when it’s available from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, etc, but honestly, I recommend ordering directly from my distributor. Generally you get it quicker that way (and I get to keep more of the proceeds).

Minor disclaimer: if you’ve been a follower of mine for say the last 18 months, you may recognize the vast majority of the poetry in this book. Though, there are some I have never published tucked in here and there. I’ve since removed nearly all of that poetry from my site, with a few exceptions.

This is a 240 page book of poetry that tells an overall story. It’s a tragic love story that doesn’t end with two people riding off into the sunset together, though it’s not all bad. She does learn and experience some beautiful things. There are sensual poems included but there’s no erotica (I feel I should include that because several of you have asked me). That said, it IS rated at 19+ for being highly suggestive. You know me and my style, this should come as no surprise.

I have added a Purchase page (through PayPal) on my blog, should you choose to purchase directly from me. It can be found on the main menu. This is just if you want a signed copy. Also, please note that if you want it inscribed to anyone in particular, make a note of that at the time of purchase (and if it’s not for you, tell me so I don’t assume it’s you).

This is literally a dream come true for me. I have wanted to publish books since I was seven years old. Nearly forty years later, here I am, finally having done just that. I am so proud of myself, for doing this and I’m so humbled for all the encouragement and the kind comments along the way. Seriously. This means the world to me, your support. Thank you. Thank you so very much.

Also, as a (sort of) side note…. there’s more coming from Raw Earth Ink and tara caribou, so I hope you’ll stick around.

Peace and light to you,

44 Comments on “Book Release – Fallen Star Rising by tara caribou

  1. i am so happy for you! yay!!
    i will be ordering right from you, but i am going to wait until i have moved…that way it can be a housewarming present to myself 🙂

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  2. This phrase is banded around a little too often, but for now i think perfect: ‘MUST HAVE’.
    Congratulations on hard work coming to fruition.

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