Tide Pools

Time slips through my veins like grains of sand

My love beats as the the waves crash upon my heart’s shore

Wispy clouds of thought travel across the atmosphere of my mind

The seagulls cry out longing and I miss you

Salty sea air fills my lungs and each breath sounds like your name

I imagine you here beside me and I’m stuttering, shivering again

Strands of seaweed, those words you spoke wrap around my ankles

When the tide recedes I will be left behind, memories in tide pools

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

27 thoughts on “Tide Pools

  1. A beautiful time can be
    relaxing at the beach
    it can make you feel
    glee is in your reach.

    When tides recede
    what would happen
    we really don’t know
    But you are relaxed
    time for you to reflect
    it is time for you to grow.

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