Worthless Trash

you deleted me from your life
so easily
as if I meant absolutely nothing
the softly spoken words
the whispers and sighs
the groanings and aching
the dreams and realities
dropped for someone better
or more beautiful
perhaps a clearer voice
or a wider smile
I can’t really say
all I know is that in a moment
you wiped all of me from all you
and I feel like a worn out shoe
stretched out
and alone
tossed in the trash
because I guess that’s what I am
you made me feel worthless
and maybe
just maybe
I’m that too

tara caribou | ©️2019

27 thoughts on “Worthless Trash

  1. Uggghhh this is so relatable (sadly). It seems so impossible to muster any sense of self-worth when the person you love makes you feel like nothing, or even explicitly tells you so. But I’m here to remind you that you ARE worthy, you are so damn worthy xx

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  2. I get it. But you are not worthless. Some people are here to make us feel that way only to help us overcome those feelings and discover the truth… that we are worth so much more than the shit under their shoe. Give yourself the love instead. ❤❤❤

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  3. Tara, Yet another powerful piece. Displaying pain and vulnerability. Take it from someone who I am ashamed to admit once was that “guy”… It’s us, not you kid. Our insecurities thirst for collateral damage. Even when were not aware.

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    1. “Kid” hahaha. Haven’t been called that in…. well, a long time lol.

      But I love your comment. I do indeed believe our insecurities desire collateral damage. Thank you so much for reading!


  4. Oftenly, people don’t realize
    what they have done
    what they have lost
    and think they’ve won
    it feels pretty bad
    when we’re left alone
    we feel like we’ve to fight
    like getting back from a hole
    the best thing we can do
    cause you’re not worthless
    you have a beautiful soul
    is to realize this is a state
    we must get outdone.

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