Needles and Nails

my lips drop musical lyrics
spoken to a tune
heard only by myself
you think you see
the realer parts of me
when you slip in my cryptic song
I lay open my breast
bared every thought
hidden and woven deeply
while my knees part and
my fingers slide lower
and perfume invades my senses
yet it’s not
the delights of my flesh
which I speak of
while my breath comes
in gasps and pants
my arching back curves away
from needles and nails
and I’m using your name
as a curse word
no it’s my heart I’m pouring out
disguised as a lover’s lament
but you’ll never know that
will you?

tara caribou | ©️2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

17 thoughts on “Needles and Nails

  1. Should not our heart always be pouring out when our backs arch and our breaths come in gasps. Even if we are only imagining the past or wishing for some one in the present or future ?


      1. Some things are harder to say then others. We tend to create our own roadblocks when things get uncomfortable. Or am I missing the point?


        1. Most people don’t think that deep or have the tools to unwrap the words to get to the root. I admit I don’t always see the forest for the trees either. I get wrapped up in the imagery and the visceral reaction and the subtlety of the hidden meaning passes me by.

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        2. Yes. I think we all do that. I often wonder at the meaning behind the words of poets in particular. And I’m sure I’m missing it. So I just read it for the art that it is and let it touch my heart soul and mind.

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  2. I “think” I get this.
    I sometimes get frustrated when it seems people aren’t getting what I’m trying to say. And sometimes I make it intentionally, overly difficult to understand. Then I wonder, is it even fair of me to expect people to understand? I don’t know . . .

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    1. I am the exact same way. One of the things I get complained about is that I am cryptic in my words. I’m not generally cryptic (in my mind). I am just careful in my wording. But sometimes I WANT someone to think outside the norms. I want the connection afforded someone who is willing to put the effort into deeper thought (and ultimately, me). But I can see how that would be frustrating from the other person’s point of view.

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  3. What a wonderful account of you. With the cryptic nuances, the reader’s mind begins to wander. So it is with me that I feel a part of your being. At the same time, I relish in being there. A good piece of work. Sidepiece: This reminds me of the dialog of the series “Deadwood”.


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