Lies I Tell Myself (and Sometimes Others)

It’s okay that you don’t love me.

I’m not hurting.

It doesn’t bother me that you don’t read what I write.

Sliding razor blades across my skin helps me feel (better).

Stopping helps me feel (better).

I’m happy.

I’m getting used to us being apart.

This hurts less now than it used to.

We can be friends.

I’m trying.

That didn’t hurt my feelings.

I can barely remember him.

I forgive myself.

I hardly ever think about you.

That turns me on.

I told you everything.

Just one more.

I’m not crying.

This isn’t wrong.

I learned to be content with what I do have.

I’m a poet.

tara caribou | ©️2019

18 Comments on “Lies I Tell Myself (and Sometimes Others)

  1. I love this journey that you have invited us to experience. Yes, you are a Poet, and so much more than the page could hold. Interest has arisen on the use of razor blades. Sounds like fun.


  2. I relate to this so much. The lies are hard to keep track of — for others and myself. Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of yourself. And Tara — sometimes what is true we try to convince ourselves is a lie … you know the demons are giving voice to our weaknesses. You are indeed a poet … and a very good one.

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    • I’m not a liar… except to myself. My theory seems to be: “if I tell myself often enough then I’ll start to believe it”.

      But that’s an interesting thought… that we may try to convince ourselves that a truth is actually a lie. I’m pretty good about knowing the difference but perhaps I will need to re-examine my list….

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  3. Those are great statements
    too bad they are lies
    Razor blades in your skin
    tears coming from your eyes
    somethings need to change
    a lot of things to revise.
    Please, seek help
    don’t try to fight alone
    plenty of people out there
    are willing to help find a sunrise.


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