Quietly, I Love You

I think I fell in love with you
This should not be possible
Our love cannot be
Yet whenever I think of you
My heart soars and squeezes
My lips smile and laugh
My eyes close, as I imagine
If only, what could be
I know, you won’t be mine to hold
You told me to be careful
You never led me on
Deep within my soul
My heart whispered, hey, I really like him
One rainy springtime evening I realized
I’m thinking about you constantly
Early in my morning
Way too late at night
You wander through my dreams
And take over all my days
My heart goes up
Then goes down
And it is in your absence, I realize
Just how much you mean to me
All my empty spaces filling up with you
To where I think perhaps
Yes, just maybe
I quietly, peacefully fell in love with you

tara caribou | ©2020

You can read this and more in my poetry book, Fallen Star Rising.

31 thoughts on “Quietly, I Love You

  1. The tenderness is paradoxically powerful. There is that undercurrent of sadness, but the beauty is blinding in its sincerity.
    Thank you for sharing this with the world.


        1. Oh good. Phew. The world only sits right when River is feeling unsettled, dark and broody.

          Interestingly, I re-read it and understood what you meant. Like a blanket over my lap.

          Liked by 1 person

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