Would That We Had Met Earlier

when last we spoke
oh how I tried to play it cool
your voice soothes my soul
your mind a balm upon my heart
your laughter my sustenance

I let your words burn themselves
upon the chambers of my spirit
each one becoming a part of me
I cling in near desperation for you

how easily you buried deep
within every fiber of my being
‘til I can’t see
where I end and you begin

oh I play it cool yet
when you lifted your hand
and said good night
my heart nearly dropped from my chest
the loss was so great

I cried
oh god how I cried
shuddering jolting sobs tormenting my frame
we were so close I almost was able to touch you
you are so completely beautiful in my eyes

I felt the warmth of your passing
but the near-miss of our collision
has created a swirling gravity inside me
and I will always from here on
turn my face towards you

should you glance upon me again
I will tuck away all these tears
and the dreams I see for us
will remain closely hidden in me

tara caribou | ©️2019

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